BARBARIC WISDOM #04 | Jack Donovan

Jack Donovan is the author of ‘The Way Of Men’, ‘Becoming A Barbarian’, and ‘A More Complete Beast’. He has helped improve the lives of thousands of men through his philosophical teaching on masculine issues.

In this episode of Barbaric Wisdom, Bronson and Jack discuss his relaunch of the “Start The World” podcast, style and how that manifests through self actualization, authenticity, creativity and what it does for your own spiritual development, etymology, the value in story telling, religion, archetypes, manly idealism, what it means to “Stay Solar", personal evolution, stoicism and it’s modern misrepresentation, differentiating levels of culture and sub cultures, artificial intelligence and our inevitable demise by the way of ceaseless technological advancement, human slave farms, the red pill movement, and his future plans for solving the challenges men face in our ever-changing social landscape.

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