It's dangerous business paraphrasing the living. Word fame is often better served cold and dead in the dirt. Human beings have always placed more value on the poetry etched into their father's gravestones than the wisdom that inevitably failed to reach their ears. Perhaps this is why society must see destruction before revolution can give birth.
We only offer our devotion to the great philosophers of our time long after time has seen them through; and we have successfully ignored their best advice. It's the cultural equivalent of carrying out an abortion in hopes of protecting the unborn child from the catastrophe of mortal life. We've lost our higher principle of rationality; assuming we ever possessed such thoughtfulness.

Every philosopher will eventually be consumed by fire; through vice or virtue; intentionally or involuntarily. I have the highest respect for those who speak candidly, and challenge the world with all of it's hatred in pursuit of truth. Not "the truth", but truth. Namelessness and cowardice are interchangeable. To remain anonymous is to be nameless, and to remain nameless is to not be remembered at all.

The exercising of power through monstrous insolence has become our new normal. It is our greatest failure as a "progressive" society - to have denied the possibility for human evolution. That a person no matter how tenacious and noble, can never supersede the blemishes of their past. That humourously, our generation manifested itself at the peak of existence and there shan't be another ounce of labour done. Pure narcissism is at work here.

Virtue is not preferable to health, as suggested in some paradox by some other famous person men love to quote and constantly fail to emulate.  This was true for Socrates, Jesus, Nietzsche, and even “The One Eyed God”, Odin - who sacrificed his physical body to gain a cosmic and divine understanding of reality. Wisdom comes at a price to it’s seeker. Perhaps this is why few hold the keys to experiential knowledge while the rest of mankind spend their entire lives attempting to prove why their fame is undeserved. 

We used to look to the past with the intention of acquiring enhancement and revision for the future. Now, we look to the past to satisfy our lust for false systems of self indulged despotism. All kill-joys considered, I'm willing to risk my own program by leaving you with a quote by a guy who isn't dead yet:

“The collapse may be imminent and its doomsayers may be vindicated, but waiting for the world to start is not the same as starting it.”

― Jack Donovan, Becoming a Barbarian

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