THE GLADIATOR PIT | Social Alienation

Technological advancement is a complicated thing to try to adapt to and integrate into your life in a productive and healthy way. It has infinite potential for good and evil. We have only scratched the surface in determining the impact media is having on our lives. We are in the midst of an era that will be analyzed by future scientists and intellectuals to pinpoint just exactly where we went wrong; and we will go the wrong way.

I’m going to state the argument that nihilism and apathy towards the impending doom that is: that of the unknown – is a pathetic and pessimistic waste of your own unique potential as a human being. If I’m going to put this into context, what it means is that your failure to act responsibly, and orient yourself in the age of information in a way that is sympathetic to your life goals is the reason for your anxiety; and empty, if not ceaseless consumption of jack-off material. Not the internet.

Rather than becoming just another cliche in the gladiator pit of complaints, exercise your creativity and throw something back into the swamp to offset the current swell of negativity and over-saturation of viral content.

For some, social media has made them feel isolated and alone. For me, it has opened my world up wider than ever before. But that is a conscious choice you have to make on your own accord, which requires a certain amount of vulnerability. You know, kind of how it used to be; when we would have to stumble through a conversation with a new acquaintance and hopefully avoid humiliating ourselves enough to warrant a second interaction.

If you can’t change the world, create a world around you that you like.

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